We are fortunate to be training under Guru Preethi Menon. A student of Kalakshetra and Koothambalam (Gurus Aravindan and Vasantha Aravindan), Preethi Menon is a visionary who encourages her students to reach higher. Her incorporation of everyday expressions in her abhinaya makes her choreography relevant and places the pieces in current context. She is a constant source of inspiration to us. Preethi is a successful entrepreneur based in Chennai. Over our dance careers our dancers have trained under various gurus including: Hemamalini Arni, Nagabushanam, Hema Rajagopalan, Rajeshwari Sainath, Meenakshi Sagar, Neila Satyalingam, Vardhini Subramanian, and Ramya Sundaram. Forever we remain grateful to them for their guidance.